Journey Through Chakras

Journey Through Chakras


Since time immemorial, energy healing had been practiced by ancient sages and priests, who could visualize chakras and the aura. In recent time, various energy healing techniques are gaining popularity, especially Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Reiki is the Japanese term for the transcendental spirit. In Reiki the universal life force energy is used for healing and emotional blocks. There are various stages of energy amplifications, herein a practitioner acts as an open energy channel- This requires very high level of attunement and the practitioner is required to go through various levels of attunement

Pranic healing is an anci€nt science and art of healing utilizing prana, the vital energy also called – ki or chi to heal the body, mind and spirit. The basic tenet of pranic healing is that a human body is basically composed of two parts, the visible physical body and the energy body, also known as bio plasmic body. The physical body and bioplasmic body, are different aspects of human body. There are two basic principles of pranic healing, the cleansing, and the energizing of the patients’ bio plasmic body, with prana or vital energy.

In all energy healings, it is very important that the healer himself is healthy and have true intention of healing. In energy healings, the healer is just a channel, like a water pipeline attached to the tap or source, if the pipeline is corroded or dirty, it will always affect the quality of water or energy at the other hand.


Colour Healing Chart

This chart will guide you which colours are useful in healing which chakras and associated physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions.


Colour therapy has been in use since ages in different ways and forms. Besides healings, colours have been used to placate the gods, to ease passage into next life, symbolize seasons, directions, ranks and even loyalty. Our choice of colours, in everyday aspects of life, result out of our need for the rebalancing effect of the colour. The seven rainbow colours were first identified as redorange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet, as the primary colours of human vision range in the eighteenth century by Isaac Newton (though orange and indigo did not appear in this list, but were added later). The ancients understood the healing and rebalancing effect of colours, The Egyptians are thought to have built colour therapy chambers in their pyramids, It is said that in Atlantis people were healed by colour energy in crystal       Il domes, people used to walk into these domes and when the sun rays permeated through the coloured glass of the domes and showered the colour, it used to have healing effect. Chinese still cure illnesses with food and herbs chosen according to their colour. Even the choice of healing crystals for chakra healing is determined as per the colour associated with the Chakra and same colour vibration crystals are used. These colours are associated with the individual charkas and interpreted in psychological terms, Even Valorie Hunt and associates concluded that auric colours correlate to the rainbow colours.

The seven rainbow colours are the most commonly used and associated with chakras and chakras healing. Mooladhar chakra had been associated with the most basic or primary colour RED. Different people have different interpretation of Red colour but mostly it is identified with life. Swadhisthan or Sacral chakra is


associated with ORANGE colour, which is a composite colour having parts of earth’s Red and Sun’s yellow, symbolizing the beginning of polarity at this chakra.

Colour Yellow is associated with Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra representing the ambivalence like sun also represents power, insight and intelligence. Green the colour of growth as well as healing is associated with our Heart or Anahat chakra. The colour blue is associated with Throat or Vishhudha chakra, it symbolizes truth and loyalty. Colour Indigo associated with Ajna or third eye chakra, as a mix of blue and violet symbolizes the end of polarity (ego) and unity (self). Violet associated with crown chakra, symbolizes unification, like the colour of root chakra mixed with blue, the colour of first highest chakra.

For chakra healing colour visualization with the corresponding chakra colour and simultaneous meditation on the chakra points is practiced. Consider these colours and meditatively draw the colour and tone, breathe each colour of your choice into appropriate chakra for atleast five breaths. However, some people may visualize different colours in the aura and charkas that is true for them and accepted. It is not unusual for many who cannot visualize colours here the intent upon the colour works as well. The safest and the best way is, to invoke the abundant White Light, available freely to all* The white light is the most balanced mixture of all the seven colours and the shades in between. For self-healing, invoking this beautiful healing light to work within, without one’s mental restrains works better, as the White Light works with an intelligence of its own, far more purified than our limited awareness.


Reflexology is again a popular non invasive therapy. Its philosophy and practice are similar to other zonal therapies like acupressure and acupuncture. Reflex zones are the terminal points or endings of nerves, and are directly connected to a distant organ or part of the body. The human body has a tremendous energy to heal itself, this healing energy surges through the body in specific pathways and could be tapped at different points which are called Reflex points. This simple technique helps us maintain good health and vitality as health is the natural state of being.

Reflexology is not only a treatment but also a diagnostic indicator of diseases in some cases, in their early stages. The massage on the reflex points has a definite effect on the internal organs. When pressure is applied on the reflex points, the functioning of the corresponding internal organs could be rectified and regulated

as the reflexive action of the nervous system that transmits impulses of all stimuli takes place within the entire body. In reflexology pressure massage may be given over the tender point for 1 -2 minutes, the pressure could be maintained constantly or intermittently and beneficial result is achieved. Though reflexology treatment is not “a cure all”, but it initiates a change in consciousness and removal of neural blockages thereby setting the ball rolling for self healing. Multiple sittings provide long term health benefits.

All matter is in vibrational state- whether visible or invisible. The vibrations of each single charka can also be harmonized and intensified through the energy activation in the corresponding reflex zones. Even essential oils or chakra anointments can be used in chakra reflex massage. Therefore chakras are an integral part of reflexology, as you find representation of various organs and glands, you can identify the chakra points related to those organs in the same areas, reflex massage on the appropriate charka zone helps healing and balancing of charkas. To initiate any healing sessions, the therapist begins by activating the core trilogy of charkas i.e. the heart center, the throat center and the solar plexus. This sets the body’s own healing mechanism into active participation for furthering the benefits of the session.Herein knowledge, experience and intuition of the healer plays an important role in raising and balancing the energy. In this field the work of Marianne Uhl has been quite impressive.



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